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John Perkins was born on November 24, 1969, in Alamo, Nevada. He grew up in a small town with his parents and two younger siblings. Perkins was known to be a quiet and introverted child, often spending most of his time alone. Despite his reserved nature, he was considered an above-average student in school and showed a keen interest in photography and videography.

In 1990, Perkins met his future wife, Brandy, and the two were married a year later. They had a son, Liam, in 1993. Perkins worked odd jobs around Alamo, including as a photographer and as a freelance videographer. He often filmed local events and created short films, which he posted online.

In 1999, Perkins disappeared from Alamo, leaving his wife and son behind. His disappearance sparked a widespread search, but no one could find any trace of him. Over the next few years, several people went missing in the area, and rumors began to circulate that Perkins may have been involved in their disappearances.

In 2004, two hikers stumbled upon an abandoned ruin near Tuscarora and found several VHS tapes, human remains, and two cameras. The tapes were analyzed, and it was discovered that Perkins had filmed his victims, creating what he believed to be artistic videos. The footage captured on the tapes spanned 72 hours, and some of the victims in the footage had not yet been identified.

Fast forward to 2022, and the entire 72 hours of video are published on a dark web site. A team of experts is tasked with identifying the unidentified victims seen in the footage, and the staff at Alamo High End Studios are working to clean up and decipher the non-human voices heard on the tapes, which were created by Perkins using his own hardware.

Despite years of speculation and investigation, no one knows what happened to John Perkins or why he committed such heinous crimes. The publication of the video footage has only added to the mystery surrounding his disappearance and the fate of his victims.

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16th March 2023
Perkins' videos are edited in a non-chronological order, which has posed a challenge for us in the video assembly process, and we had to increase our workforce to address the issue. Despite our 10-hour daily commitment and the contribution of a dedicated collaborator to sorting the material, we are still facing difficulties in reconstructing the timeline of events in the videos. We are determined to do our best to complete the work and present a coherent and understandable video for the audience.

12th March 2023
As filmmakers, we understand the power of visual storytelling. However, we also understand the importance of respecting the privacy and dignity of those involved in our films. This is why, when we were tasked with creating a documentary on the infamous serial killer, John, we found ourselves grappling with the ethics of using real victims in our footage. Nicholas and I spent countless hours pouring over John's tapes, watching in horror as he brutally took the lives of his victims. It was a sobering experience, and one that left us feeling deeply guilty for even considering using such material in our documentary. We knew that we needed to approach this project with the utmost care and sensitivity. We began by consulting with experts in the field, seeking guidance on how to proceed in a way that was respectful to the victims and their families. We also made a conscious decision to limit the amount of graphic material that we used in our film. While we wanted to accurately portray the horror of John's crimes, we also recognized that there was a fine line between depicting the violence and exploiting it. Ultimately, we decided that the most important thing was to honor the memories of John's victims. We made sure that their stories were told with empathy and compassion, and that their humanity was not lost amidst the sensationalism of the crime. Working on this project was not easy. It was emotionally taxing to immerse ourselves in such a dark and disturbing world, and we often questioned whether it was worth it. But in the end, we knew that we had a responsibility to shed light on the reality of the situation, and to do so in a way that was both respectful and honest.

11th March 2023
While reviewing Perkins' video material, we came across surreal, difficult-to-explain and terrifying images. We are trying to figure out if it makes sense to include them in the editing we are working on.

10th March 2023
We are searching for the short films that John Perkins made before 1999. If you have the material we are looking for, please contact us at the following address: tjptapes@gmail.com

9th March 2023
We decided to buy the domain thejohnperkinstapes.com to share our findings, the material we found, and our research.


The John Perkins Tapes case

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Tapes found

Tapes found john Perkins Tapes

Tape found

Tape found john Perkins Tapes

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Missing / identif.

Missing and identified john Perkins Tapes


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